Insurance Services

Insurance Services in 2020

There are so many insurance services to choose from, such services are categorized into two forms. We have an insurance for business purposes or what we call Commercial Lines and for personal purposes or so called Personal Lines. Here in Cheap Home Insurance Los Angeles we mainly focus on Personal lines. In personal lines we offer different types of insurance such as for the building you own or were you reside we have home insurance, for vehicles we have car Insurance, for your Health we have Life Insurance. We can help you get the insurance service you need. Get a quote now.

Homeowners Insurance

Home is where your soul is, along with a healthy portion of your net worth one type of Insurance service that can help you protect your home is our Homeowners Insurance. Your residence is one of your most essential investments, so be certain to secure it with a Homeowners insurance policy. According to our research, several people are significantly more inclined to become victims of burglary than others. We can assist you to get the coverage you require and the satisfaction you desire.

Car Insurance

It’s fun to travel especially when you own your car, but do you have an insurance to protect you in the event that an accident happen? Here in Cheap Home Insurance Los Angeles we offer Car Insurance also known as Auto insurance. Car Insurance will help you in the event that you accidentally hit a car or a property during collision. It not only will cover the persons involved but also the repairs for the damages and also cover liability in case a lawsuit is filed against you. Be worry free while driving get you own car insurance now.

Motorcycle Insurance

You might be thinking that if you have a car insurance all types of vehicles are cover, but its not. Car insurance is subject to conditions, limitations and exclusions such exclusions include two wheeled vehicles like your motorcycle. To help protect your motorcycle you might want to avail for a Motorcycle Insurance. Take note before you can even ride a motorcycle, it is required to show proof of insurance to register your motorcycle. Like auto or car insurance your motorcycle insurance will provide liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, Medical payments coverage, Uninsured motorist coverage, Collision and comprehensive coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

It’s true that your insurance offer liability coverage whether its home insurance, auto insurance or any other insurance products, but is it enough to cover you against lawsuit? Lawsuits can be a pain in the pocket not only that it is expensive but also it makes your assets at risk. To ensure the safety of your hard earned assets you might want to avail for additional coverage. Here in Cheap Home Insurance Los Angeles we offer you Umbrella Insurance. This insurance policy will help to increase the limits of your liability coverage. Most insurance products have a maximum of $500,000 for liability. By having an umbrella insurance it could increase your limit to a million.

Renters Insurance

If you’re a tenant you might want to avail for our renters insurance this is an insurance service that can help protect your personal property. As a tenant it’s not advisable to buy home insurance for the dwelling but you should definitely know how to protect your personal belonging inside it if any unpleasant incident happens in the building. For this, you should purchase (HO4) Home Insurance Policy or renters insurance which will cover your personal belongings like your furniture, appliances, linens, jewelry, dresses and anything else. Our agents will help you to get what you desire.

Condo Insurance

Another insurance services is not limited to homeowners we also have one for condo owners. For the people of Los Angeles, buying condominiums is a matter of smart real estate investment. To make your investment plan even smarter, you should try to purchase the right service for your condo. We can offer you (HO6) Home Insurance Policy or also known as Unit Owners Policy. With these type of policy you get protection you needed for your property in case of loss from your personal belongings. Contact us for further information on our services. Get a quote now!